FAQ Bergamont Bike

1. What Bike Size do I need?

The right bike size can be influenced by several variables, such as flexibility or personal anthropometrics. The Bergamont sizing chart which can be found on our website is a solid starting point to choose the right frame size. Choosing the right bike size depends upon your riding style, your priority, your height and the type of bike. A proper and correct fit bike will be more comfortable, efficient and fun to ride.

Please note that size chart is an indicative measure based on best case scenarios possible and assumptions. Hence it is important and advisable to understand how to read the chart.


You still have confusion and doubts on deciding the bike size, we advise you to visit our nearest Authorized Bergamont Dealer and check your Bike Fit. In case of more information you can write to us at cs@sportnetwork.in or call on 9326721914


2. What are the important points to note while choosing the bike?


Different people have different biking needs; hence different types of bicycles are designed to meet those needs. Some people like tricks, some like races, and some like speed control, some cycle to work. You will need to take into account your own preferences when choosing the right bicycle for yourself.

There are 3 important points:


Bike Type:

Best For:

Road Bikes (Racing, Aero, Endurance, Cyclocross, Lightweight, Touring Bikes)

Paved/ Tarmac Roads

Mountain Bikes (including trail, cross-country, and all-mountain bikes)

Rugged trails and gravel roads

Hybrid Bikes (Features of Both Mountain & Road Bike)

Pavement or moderate gravel/dirt roads

Specialty Bikes (E Bikes)

Paved/ Tarmac Roads


Bike Features and Components: Frames, Suspension, Wheel Size, Gears, Brakes, Bike Weight are factors that a first-time buyer must consider. Frames are the most important component of the bike which should help you decide which bike to invest in.

Bike Fit: Once you have narrowed down on your buying choice it’s important to make sure you go for a bike fit to ensure that your riding is not affected by incorrect setup of the bike.


3. What Bike Size do I have?


The frame size is embedded in the serial number of your bike (f.e. 48, 52, 56 for a road bike or S, M, L for an MTB). It is as well embedded in a logo on the frame close to the toptube/seattube intersection.


4. What is the weight of my Bike?


The weight of the complete bikes can be found on the Bergamont website. Click on the "SPECS" tab in the product section.


5. Is there a rider weight limit for Bergamont Bikes?

*(Rider weight=Max Permissible System Weight - Weight of Bike - Weight of Luggage).  Kindly find the maximum permissible weight of Bergamont Bikes in below chart  


Category Name

Bike Series/Models

Max Permissible System Weight (Rider incl Luggage & Bicycle)

Category 1

Bergamont Road Racing, Triathalon Bikes, Time Travel Machines


120 Kg / 264 lbs

Category 2

Bergamont City, Trekking and Urban Bikes

Horizon, Vitess, Sweep, Belami, Summerville, Helix

115 – 140 Kg / 253 - 308 lbs

Bergamont Kids Bikes

Revx, Bergamonster, Belamini, ATB

65 Kg / 143 lbs

Bergamont cyclo-cross

Grandurance CX

115 Kg / 253 lbs

Category 3

Bergamont Cross-country, marathon and hardtrail bikes

Revox, Kiez

115 – 125 Kg / 253 - 275 lbs

Category 4

Bergamont Enduro and all mountain Bikes

Fastlane, Contrail, Trailster, Encore, Encore

120 – 125 Kg / 264 - 275 lbs

Category 5

Bergamont Gravity, Freeride, Downhill, Dirt Jump Bikes

Straitline, Big Air

120 Kg / 264 lbs


6. Where can I Assemble my Bike and its implications on Warranty?

You need to Assemble your bike only through an Authorized Bergamont Dealer otherwise the warranty will stand void. Please visit the below link to find your nearest Bergamont Dealer


Link: https://www.sportnetwork.in/storelocator


7. What is the correct tire pressure for my bike?

Every tire brand comes with recommended tire pressure embossed on the sides of tire or in the manual. You need to ensure proper tire pressure before every ride.

8. Is it legal rule to wear helmets while riding?


Different countries have different legal norms in Road Safety. We ALWAYS advise our customers to wear helmets while riding a bicycle for safety measures.


9. What is Bergamont Bike Service Plan?


After the purchase of the bike, it is very important to service your bike properly for standard functioning. You should always get your bike serviced by an Authorized Bergamont Dealer to maintain its Warranty.

  • 1st Service: After 100-300 km or 5-15 hours of use or after 3 months from date of purchase
  • 2nd Service: After 2000 km or 100 hours of use or after 1 year

For more information on service plan, refer your manual book which comes along with Bike


10. Where is the serial no of my bike frame?


You will find the serial no of the bike frame at the bottom of the downtube.


11. What are the checklist before every ride?


i.             Quick Release Levers

ii.            Tire Pressure

iii.           Rims

iv.           Brakes & Suspension

v.            Repair Kit


12. What is Bike Warranty, Coverage and its Claim process?


Please visit the below link to get the complete information about warranty, coverage and the process of claiming warranty.

Link: https://www.bergamont.com/il_en/service/warranty

13. How to purchase replacement parts for bike?


You can contact your nearest Authorized Dealer of Bergamont Cycles. You can even call us at 9326721914 or write to us on cs@sportnetwork.in seeking for more information.


14. Can I exchange the bike if the size does not fit?


If you have any difficulties in reading the size chart or you are unsure of bike size, we request you to visit the nearest Authorized Bergamont Dealer and check for Bike Fit. It is possible to exchange the bicycle if it does not fit provided you raise the issue before the taking the delivery of the bike. In such a case, customer will have to pay Rs 1500 as charge for the New Bike. Please note that we will not be able to provide refund for the wrong size.



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